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from our customers!

Merry Christmas from 3 of my babies, Marley, Molly and Sadie!  12/2013Sadie's first haircut.  She's a cutie!

Krisee is now in Raceland, LA, happy to be with her new family which includes 3 sisters, Yay!!! thanks to the Pinell's....Nick and Family!

Merry Christmas from Coco! 

Beautiful Baby Girl!

This baby is in Tulsa, her new mommy is Sandra...thank you for taking such good care of the baby you purchased from us!   12.2013
Courtney and her children came over a day after Christmas and picked up this little baby girl. Courtney says,  she is the sweetest little thing!! The first night we had her, Braden & I were playing with her in the floor & he said. "I already don't know what we've done all this time w/out her!!!"
I just laughed & said me either!!
 This is how she fell asleep last night with Braden on the couch!!  12.2013

Dear Laura,
My wife and I would love to thank you for our puppy you sold us. His name is Arley.  He is a joy to be around with, he is playful and very smart. You have trained him well to go outside to the bathroom well done Laura. You have filled our hearts with love again since we got him and our grandkids just love him so much. He's great with the kids. I will be sending you pictures of him and keep you posted again Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep up the great work raising puppies.
Sincerely Gary & Sherry Coppolino  2.2014

Hi Laura,

We are so in love with out new baby Cha-Chi!!! I been looking online for the perfect puppy for our family for over a week. Finally came across your kennel website. When you came out with Cha-Chi, it was love at 1st site. ~~Cha-Chi is a Maltese/Pomeranian designer puppy.~~ He has a HUGE personality and is so smart and loving! I thought it was great that he was up to date on vaccinations and your even had a bag of his puppy food. I think you are an awesome breeder that takes great care in making sure your puppies are going to the right homes for them. Thank you so much for our new buddy.

Nicole Kramer  2.2014

Hi Lane and Laura,
My name is Summer Pierce. We adopted a puppy from your place through PureBred Breeders in November of 2013. His name was Jax but we changed it to Murphy when he arrived. I wanted to tell you what a joy he is to our family. He is now almost 8 months old and already 80 lbs! :) We have a special needs child and he has been such a great companion for her. He is sweet natured, gentle and very attached to her. She loves looking at his picture when she is at school. Shiloh doesn't speak very much but she can say "My puppy named Murphy" and always has the biggest smile on her face when you mention is name. We had quite a bit of snow over the winter and they had a great time playing in it together. I have included some pictures I have taken of the two of them and you can see what a special relationship they already have. Our family wouldn't be complete without our Murphy!
Best wishes
Summer, Tom, Shiloh, & Murphy  4.2014

Dear Laura,

Just a brief note to say that Rebel is doing really great.  He absolutely loves to fetch and he is just generally a great, sweet, loving pup.  I am attaching a photo of him from a couple of months ago.  Just to keep in touch.

He's truly a wonderful dog.

Larry Diamond

Good morning from Tulsa! This is Aubrey that got the two Shepradors in Feb. just wanted to let you know just how wonderful they have been for our family! God truly had His hand on this union! Our vet says they are very very healthy, beautiful dogs! Of course everyone says how beautiful they are...again, thank you so so so much!


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