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Welcome to our website! 

We are Lane and Laura Williams. We are 2 busy people, here's a bit of information about us. Lane is an engineer with the KCS Railroad, he is a farmer/rancher, loves working with his cattle, he does gunsmith work in his spare time, and helps with the dogs when he is at home. He loves to hunt and enjoys teaching/working with the puppies/dogs and horses and cows. Other hobbies include woodworking and metal fabrication, riding horses, and other guy things.
I am a cosmetologist and own my shop which is located about 7 miles from home. I have been there since 1993, and really enjoy my job, but with my love for dogs, I have managed to only work out side of the home 2 days a week and spend the rest of the time here at home. 
We are licensed by the state of Oklahoma, OCPB#000175 and with the USDA!  We are also members of the Springhill Baptist Church, which is about 3 miles from our home. It is our daily prayer that God will use us to help transform lives in our world. We are proud parents and grandparents, and have a wonderful family. Our children are grown giving us more time with the furry members of the family.


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